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Product Specifications

Product size


Product weight


Maximum angle

≤ 5°

Max speed


Passage width


Charging time


Battery capacity

DC 48V 12Ah

Battery operation


Number of trays


capacity (payload)

40kg (10kg per tray)

Operating system


Tray Size

Top Tray: 490*404*188mm
Other trays: 490*404*176mm



4 adjustable trays

Maximum load

each of them - 10 kg

Remote control

using a computer, tablet or phone

Unlimited robots in one place

More efficient delivery thanks to the intelligent coordination of the self-developed system, which ensures the cooperation of multiple robots and continuous optimization of efficiency, thus improving delivery efficiency.

Keenon DinerBot T5 - delivery and advertising waiter robot
Dinerbot T5 can work stably and efficiently in various application scenarios. It has its own synchronous localization and mapping system and multi-sensor fusion algorithms, including encoder,  gyroscope (IMU), lidarodome, LIDAR, image module, UWB and WIFI. This is currently the best technology serving Keenon companies. The Dinerbot T5 robot is a typical workhorse for the hardest work both on a daily basis and during special events. It moves extremely agile and the conveniently placed trays make it the most usable robot on the market. Despite the high payload, it only needs 70 cm of aisle width, which is a better result than in the case of competing low-payload robots that need 80-90 cm - only Keenon Dinerbot T8 - 55 cm. Dinerbot T5 has shelves and a display placed frontally, thanks to which the staff does not make mistakes when choosing a table, it is undoubtedly the most convenient robot in terms of use. 

Dinerbot T5


We chose the T5 robot because of its huge payload (our stone trays weigh up to 8kg), long-lasting battery, very convenient access and the best laser system, thanks to which the robot moves around a busy place almost like a real waiter. It only needs 70 cm of aisle width between the tables, which is an unrivaled result among the large robots we tested. We invite you to our restaurant in Straszyn at ul. Młoda Polski 5 for a delicious hamburger  :)

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