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Keenon DinerBot T8

innovative waiter robot from PLN 941 per month

Keenon DinerBot T5

innovative waiter robot from PLN 1020 per month

Keenon ButlerBot W3

innovative hotel robot from PLN 1,334 per month

Good morning, herefuture

Keenon Guiderbot

innowacyjny robot marketer

Keenon DinerBot T6

innowacyjny robot kelner

Keenon DinerBot T9 PRO

innowacyjny robot kelnerski


robots Keenon help companies achieve higher profits by attracting customers  and generate huge savings - one working robot replaces up to several thousand full-time employees, savings.  Robots have become popular, not only because of their minimal operating costs, but also because of the lack of fiscal burdens for their work, the lack of hundreds of regulations required for the employment of human personnel, and because of the _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ full availability at any time of the day or night, without holidays or sick leave.

robots Keenonthey significantly accelerate customer service and increase their turnover, as well as clearly attract new ones in the viral system. By saving time, the staff can focus on the sale of high-margin goods, which clearly increases the profits of the premises. 

robots Keenonthey are perfect for our customers in supermarkets, gastronomy, hotels, factories and offices. We are focused on continuous improvement of the offer. Our equipment is currently operating throughout Poland.


If you are still not sure or robot Keenonwill work in your industry, contact the sales department. We are happy to discuss with you personalized configuration variants, prepare a leasing offer and calculate savings. 

RobotsKeenon- why is it worth it?


why is it worth it?

Deliveries throughout Poland

Immediate consideration of the application

Minimal formalities

7/24 hour service

RobotsKeenon - for whom?


for whom?


The catering industry is associated with intensity and work in constant motion. To be able to relieve your staff, choose our robotKeenon,who is the perfect waiter!


In commerce, creativity and originality count when presenting product. Catch the customer's eye  robotemKeenonwith almost 22 inch display.


Offices are full of obstacles with dynamic environment change. Smart sensors the robot is equipped withKeenonmake it perfect for cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d as a supplier.


​Every hotel owner knows how important it is to provide comfort and service at the highest level to its customers. Use robotsKeenonthat will streamline many processes.


W 41% lokali, które przeszły testy nasze roboty zwiększyły marże od 14 do 37%. Skontaktuj się z nami i zacznij zarabiać już dziś!






active daily

12 years

Stable work

440 million

Served guests

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