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Product Specifications

Product size


Product weight


Maximum angle

≤ 5°

Max speed


Charging time


Battery operation


Tray dimension


capacity (payload)

35kg (3x10kg | 5kg top)

Operating system


Clearance width

70 cm

Redefine innovation

Keenon DINERBOT - T6

Professional delivery

Thanks to the new, extended delivery mode, our dishes can be delivered to up to four tables at the same time. It also has the option of remote control from a computer, tablet or phone

Location mapping system

New intelligent obstacle avoidance, 2+1 binocular vision plan that includes 204 real-time dynamic obstacle detections for safer and more flexible travel

Ability to remotely view the robot

Thanks to the browser-based remote viewing system developed by KEENON, we can add new elements to it at any time, perform  system update,   and even control it remotely!

The Keenon Robotics Dinerbot-T6 smart delivery robot is designed to automatically take orders and deliver ready meals to your customers. This device can simplify the customer service process in cafes or restaurants. It will relieve your staff and increase work efficiency.
The robot-assistant can work alone or together with other similar devices. The distribution of tasks and their implementation is carried out using artificial intelligence. It navigates the terrain accurately and memorizes routes with real-time obstacle avoidance through the use of sensors and data consolidation. The robot can be used to deliver dishes to four tables at once. This will shorten the time of serving and waiting for ready meals, as well as improve the use of the robot.

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