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Product Specifications

Product size


Product weight


Maximum angle

≤ 5°

Max speed


Charging time


Battery operation


Tray dimension


capacity (payload)

20kg (2x5kg | 10kg)

Operating system



outdoors, flat surfaces, dust-free



Multimedia pickup notification

Voice interaction when picking up your order makes for a great experience. 

Remote control

using a computer, tablet or phone

Voice communication function for a better experience

Location mapping system

The new intelligent 2+1 technology allows you to dynamically detect all obstacles in real time. Built-in lasers support movement and make it safe and flexibly adapting to the space

Location mapping system

New intelligent obstacle avoidance, 2+1 binocular vision plan that includes 204 real-time dynamic obstacle detections for safer and more flexible travel

Keenon DinerBot T8 - delivery and advertising performance champion.
Fast, agile and incredibly intelligent, the Keenon Dinerbot T8 robot can easily handle narrow spaces as small as 55 centimeters wide. This makes it an ideal choice for tight and crowded spaces. Avoid obstacles with the 2+1 vision planner that dynamically scans and recognizes obstacles in real time. The cosmic systems used in this robot have no equivalent in the competition, the robot moves by far the best of all that have been produced so far, it only needs 55 cm of clearance, while the previous record was 70 cm (Dinerbot T5), for comparison a similar robot competitor company needs as much as 80-90 cm of clearance. This is very important in busy and tight places. Keenon Dinerbot T8 moves faster than a living person and avoids moving obstacles with millisecond accuracy, thanks to advanced cameras, lasers and software refined by over 200 Keenon programmers. The robot has undergone advanced tests of robotic companies Softbank Robotics and Hyundai Robotics, which introduced it to the offer under their brands. 

Alfresco Dining & Grill

Dinerbot T8 found its place perfectly in a large and busy restaurant

Smart shelves

Thanks to laser and load sensors, the robot can see and feel what is on the tray.

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